Kiikii Motel

Pool side view The KiiKii Motel is locally owned and operated, lending it an intimate, comfortable feel. Manager Pauline Napa is on the premises daily and always happy to chat about the island she calls home Ė where to go, what to see and how to get there. Sheís also happy to chat about Cook Islands culture, food, dance and custom. Staff are friendly, ever-smiling, and always approachable.

The KiiKii is not a five-star foreign-owned resort, which gives the place its unique charm. Itís laid-back and local, and a great place to meet people. Guests always have good things to say Ė and they always come back.

The motel has scores of loyal regulars, who come year after year from all over the world. Groups of surfers are always cycling in and out, as KiiKiiís front yard offers one of the islandís best, most consistent breaks Ė and the motelís got an outdoor shower and a pool for post surf-session recuperating. Global Volunteers uses KiiKii as its home base, so voluntary workers are always tracking through, as are Ham Radio enthusiasts, who praise KiiKii in online forum circles. The motel is also popular with German dental students, who come in groups to Rarotonga year-round to offer their services free of charge.

KiiKiiís got a price range that can accommodate students and budget travellers, but it also offers deluxe waterfront rooms from which you can watch whales breach during winter and outrigger paddling teams racing through the water throughout the year.

Whether youíre backpacking on a budget or looking for a safe, family-friendly environment, you wonít be disappointed with KiiKii Motel.

Pool side view